For most people the thought of having a criminal conviction is both frightening and frustrating as it may affect their employment careers families and lifestyle.

We have a team of highly specialised criminal defence solicitors who are recognised by the Law Society as specialist in criminal litigation. We provide expert legal advice and assistance from the police station to all courts. We have the experience of representing clients across a wide spectrum of offences ranging from white collar crimes like fraud and cybercrime to murder and motoring offences.

At A & A Law we have a proven track record of achieving the best results for our clients.

Our first priority is to help you avoid a conviction. We will vigorously advance your case with the prosecutor and question the facts and evidence to ensure that you are given every opportunity to have the case discontinued at the earliest opportunity or dismissed at trial.

However we are aware that this is not always an achievable goal. In those circumstances where a conviction is unavoidable, we will work hard to help you achieve the most lenient sentence taking into account the peculiar circumstances of your case. We regularly represent our clients at the courts and police station in offences ranging from white collar crimes like fraud and cybercrime to murder and motoring offences.

We are also prepared to assist you in appealing unfavourable sentencing decisions were we consider the sentence to be excessive.

24/7 Police Station Advice & Assistance

If you a friend or family member has been arrested or invited to the police station, our solicitors and accredited police station representatives are always on hand to represent you at any time of the day or night.

We understand how police conduct their investigations and can spot weaknesses in the case against you.

Investigations by other government department and agencies

If you have been invited to the job centre, benefits office or other government agency for an interview under caution we are able to attend those interviews with you.

Magistrates, Youth and Crown Court

Our solicitors are experienced advocates and can competently represent you at all Magistrates’ Court hearings.

We also work with very experienced barristers who we regularly instruct to represent our clients at the Magistrates and Crown Courts all over the country.


If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your case and you want to appeal to the crown court or court of appeal, our solicitors will provide advice and assistance on the merits of appealing your case and the chances of success.